Pinniped Entanglement Group (PEG)

we are a global community dedicated to the safety and welfare of pinnipeds

NOAA Photo Permit 18537 ADFG

Our Mission

To reduce pinniped entanglements in marine debris and fishing gear.


What we do

  • Entanglement Prevention

  • Outreach and Education

  • Innovative Disentanglement Techniques

  • Rescue

Images below show a rescue of a Steller sea lion by a PEG team in Alaska


The sea lion is sedated and the plastic packing band is cut and removed


“Rescue team examining health of sea lion and applying tags after packing band removed

POST-RELEASE | 2 days later

Sea lion sporting a temporary satellite tag glued to fur to monitor survival

What is a Pinniped?

Pinniped means “fin-footed” and includes seals, sea lions, and walruses.

NOAA Photo Permit 18537 ADFG